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The casting mold division has been producing molds for the production of hydraulic components including Cylinder
Block & Head and Control Valve, which are the main parts of automobile and excavator components, through
continuous R&D and technological innovation.

Based on our experience of various types of mold design and processing and the abundant know-how, we have
established the best technological competence in the field through collaboration even from the client’s product
design level in order to offer our client the best optimized product design.

Main facilities

Facilities Specification
CAD/CAM System CAD : Auto CAD & I-Deas System, CATIA, UG
CAM : Eukulid & TEBIS System
3D Measuring M/C Dialogue 17 (ZETT MESS Technik GmbH)
NC/TC Copy Milling M/c Table Size : 2,900 X 830
Copy range : 1,700 X 830 X 800
Machining Center(MCT) Table Size : 1,800 X 850 X 800
Fluri universal Milling M/C Work Direction : 1,800 X 1,000
EDM Work Standard : 700 X 500
Tank Size : 900 X 700 X 400