Hydraulic casting (Gimpo plant)
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The hydraulic plant has operated since 1995, which is run within the newly built factory in Gimpo in 2011 and is composed of one furan molding line.

The main products are TRAVELING DEVICEs and DIESEL
CYLINDER HEADs made of hydraulic CONTROL VALVE for
excavators, whereas the specifications are composed of
FC250,FCD400~FCD600 and special alloy cast iron.

The architectural area of the hydraulic plant is 2,480㎡ and the
annual production CAPA is 12,000 tons.

Main products and clients of Gimpo plant

Item Weight(Kg) Size Specifications Client
Multi Spool Control Valve 66~298 14Ton~90Ton Level
Traveling Device Spindle 25~135 14Ton~40Ton Level FCD450~FCD600 MOTTROL, SUNGBO P&T
Shaft Casing
Rear Flange
Valve Casing
Pumpe Case 43~70 14Ton~40Ton Level FCD450 MOTTROL
Diesel Cylinder Head 17~96 1.8L~22L FC25 DOOSAN

Main facilities of Gimpo plant

Process Facilities Specification
Melting Line Melting Furnace Capa : 3 Ton/Hr, 2 Power 2Bodies
Molding Line Furan Molding Line Capa : 15 Molds/Hr
Flask Size(mm) : 1,000 X 700 X 300/200
Core Line Core Making M/C Middle size core M/C : 3units(Vertical type)
Large size core M/C : 4units(Vertical & Horizontal)
Main spool core M/C : 2units(Vertical type)
Fettling Line Shot Blast M/C Tumbling & Hanger type 4units
Manipulate type 1unit
Internal Shot M/C Automatic Robot shot 3units
Manual shot 2units
Videographic Endoscope Rigid type 3units
Flexible type 4units