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The iron foundry was built in 1975, of which the main production line consists of one automatic molding line and one semi-automatic furan molding line.

The automatic molding line has become fully capable of
producing high-level products, which are in demand, through
the extensive replacement of facilities of automatic molding and sand preparation line in December 2015.

The main products are Diesel Cylinder Blocks, Heads and
Gasoline Cylinder Blocks, whereas the specifications are
composed of FC250~FC300 and special alloy cast iron.

The architectural area of the foundry is 24,000㎡ and the annual production CAPA is 47,000 tons.

Main products and clients of Incheon plant

Item Engine Displacement Weight(Kg) Production Line Client
Small Block Gasoline 1.0L~1.8L 34~44 Auto Molding Line GM Korea, GM-UZ
Diesel 1.8L~3.4L 60~109 Auto Molding Line Doosan Infracore, Ssangyong Motors, GM Korea
Medium Block Diesel 5.8L~6.0L 132~165 Auto Molding Line Doosan Infracore
Large Block Diesel 7.4L~12L 245~310 Auto Molding Line Doosan Infracore
V-type Block Diesel 11L~22L 232~617 Furan Molding Line Doosan Infracore
Cylinder Head Diesel 1.8L~22L 17~135 Auto Molding Line Doosan Infracore

Main facilities of Incheon plant

Process Facilities Specification
Melting Line Melting Furnace Capa : 13 Ton/Hr
2Power 3 Body, 1Power 2 Body(×2)
Molding Line Auto Molding M/C for Green Sand Capa : 65 Molds/Hr
Flask Size(mm) : 1,300 X 1,000 X 420/380
Furan Molding Line Flask Size(mm) : 1,600 X 1,200 X 450/450(non-fixed)
                  1,000 X 700 X 250/200(fixed)
Core Line Core Making M/C Shell Type : Electric & LNG Type(16 units)
Cold Box Type : 5 units
Core Dry Oven Infrared Heating Dry oven/ Microwave oven
Fettling Line Shot Blast M/C Cage Type : 2 units(Capa : 7,920kg/Hr)
Hanger Type : 1 units (Capa : 8,670 kg/Hr)
Manipulator Griper Type : 2 units
Sand Preparation Mixer Eirich Mixer(Stir Type), Capa : 120 Ton/Hr
Auto Sand Control
Paint Organic(Water or Thinner base)
/ Powder painting